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Company profile

PESCADO GRUP Ltd. is currently one of the major players on the fish product market, providing a wide range of products as well as sale and distribution services, according to the highest standards. The company is a market leader on the premium fish roe salad,  oil and brine marinade segments.

The products are sold under two brands owned by the company for 15 years (BONITO and SALMAR) as well as under our clients’ individual brands (CARREFOUR, ARO, TIP, CLEVER).

The recipes used and our concern to maintain a high quality output, as well as the product packing methods employed have secured us a market share of about 35% on that segment, in Romania.

The company has 240 employees (whose average age is 35) out of which 50 employees have completed high education courses.

Our company can provide a wide range of products and services to our clients:
- a wide range of fish products with controlled quality – fish roe salads, fish salads, smoked fish, marinade fish;
- sale and distribution on Romanian territory through our own sale and logistic department;
- food safety and absolute traceability;
- solutions and products convenient to each client’s demand.

The objective of the company is to become lieder on the South-East European market, by exporting its top products to Bulgaria, Hungary, Greece and Italy, and by extending the product range on demand on these markets.

The factory is located in the town of Buhusi, district of Bacau. Built in 2007 and financed by SAPARD funds, it is the largest of its kind in Romania, with a built area of 6000 m² on a plot of land of 2 hectares. The site operates in an integrated system that starts with the raw materials and ends with the finished products; it is HACCP and ISO22000 certified and IFS5 certifying.

The distribution network operates on the basis of a framework including 10 warehouses strategically located, which allow a prompt delivery throughout Romania. This network provides the delivery of the company products to all the international cash&carry, hypermarket and discounter networks, to the domestic retails store chains, to the regional distributors and to more than 2000 points of sale in the traditional retail system.